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Minimal Sedation Testimonials

William T. Schlosser, DMD Minimal Sedation Testimonials & Feedback

"I am definitely someone who benefited from sedation dentistry.  It was a comfortable, pleasant experience.  Sedation dentistry is a great alternative for those who suffer from fear, anxiety and phobias.  With sedation dentistry, the fearful patient can have dental procedures done without the anxiety.  Problems caused by gagging can also be eliminated.  Knowing sedation dentistry services are available through Dr. Schlosser, I have a much more positive outlook on future dental work.  Goodbye dental related anxiety!

Carolyn K.


"My experience with oral sedation was amazing.  One pill the night before the procedure and one pill the morning of the procedure.  I was still awake to listen to Dr. Schlosser, but not totally aware of what was going on under this type of sedation.    Simply amazing."

Lisa H.


"Frankly, I don't remember a thing about my sedation appointment - so, obviously, it was very effective!  My wife tells me Dr. Schlosser helped me out to our car; she got me home and to my Lazy Boy where I slept all afternoon.  Also, through observation of my breathing during this treatment, Dr. Schlosser brought up the possibility that I had sleep apnea.  This then led to confirmation of a significant condition, my bed partner 'Alice' (CPAP machine) and better rest for me and a tolerable situation for my wife -- no more snoring!!  We have always been pleased with our treatment in Dr. Schlosser's office." 

Leo D.


"Most recently I needed to have several teeth worked on at the same time and was offered the opportunity to take advantage of Dr. Schlosser's sedation services.  It was wonderful!  It involved medication in pill form, and each step of the process was clearly explained and any questions answered.  I was relaxed going in and pleasantly surprised when I was finished at how smooth it went.  It seemed I slept through most of it, but I remember being asked questions during the process and being able to respond.  Someone drove me to and from the appointment.  I slept some upon returning home, but had no negative after-effects."

Kathy R


"The professionalism and caring nature of everyone involved in this practice makes a visit to the dentist less stressful than it would be otherwise.  My anxiety is greatly reduced knowing that sedation is available.  It feels as though I just arrived for a procedure even though it actually took a couple of hours.

Tom H.


"Dr. Schlosser removed my wisdom teeth + 1 (5 total) while using the sedation technique.  I didn't feel a thing!  Very nice for a squeamish patient like me!!

Mike B.


"The partial (minimal) sedation process is the way to go and I highly recommend it if you need a lot of work done in your mouth.  I had no anxiety or nervousness.  The appointment seemed to go by fast.  There were no negative after-effects from the sedation.  Even my jaw was not sore after all the work that had been done. 

I followed their directions and took some medication the night before, and again an hour before the appointment.  Then I took the remainder at the dental office and slept it off when I got home.  My daughter was my designated driver and I had no problems whatsoever from the sedation.  I need to make another appointment for more extensive work and I will be selecting the partial (minimal) sedation again."

Mary G.