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Dental Implant Testimonials

Dental Implant Testimonials - William T. Schlosser, DMD 

Thank you with my deep gratitude for designing and orchestrating the "All on Four" permanent plate which you accomplished for me.
In addition to your great skill, you treated me with special caring and support....
Please also thank Kristine, Kathy, Beth and Mandy for their wonderful assistance and care to me.

Merv B.

I was concerned about spending the money, but quality of life was more important to me.  I'm glad I did it and glad I got rid of my partial denture!
Paul S.
Springfield, IL

The three implants and four attached teeth feel and look great! Dr. Schlosser and his crew made sure the implants complimented my remaining teeth.
Paul S.
Springfield, IL

Dr. Schlosser is truly an artist . My experience with my first implant was great. It matches my teeth and looks so real. Thanks again!
Springfield, IL

Fantastic experience on the implant-I totally forgot I had it done by the next day. It's amazing! No pain or discomfort during the whole process.
Maureen S.
Springfield, IL

Deciding to get an implant is a big decision that requires careful thought and consideration. You will not be disappointed with the skill and craftsmanship displayed by Dr. Schlosser and his team of assistants. You can't put a price on getting back your smile!!
Tom G.
Chatham, IL

After 22 years with full lower implants, Dr. Schlosser's concern to detail on developing a replacement prosthesis while making sure I was comfortable was terrific.

When the new plate was permanently attached it fit perfectly because Dr. Schlosser worked to make sure everything was just right.

He said my mouth and teeth were one of a kind so he worked extra hard to get everything right.
Judy I.

Dr. Schlosser is the best dentist myself and my family have ever had. He is very thorough and meticulous. I have had other providers comment on the high quality of his work and I couldn't agree more! I recently received a dental implant from Dr. Schlosser and couldn't be more pleased. I always trust his recommendations.
Patricia K.
New Berlin, IL

I have been a patient of Dr. Schlosser since he first began his practice, and I think he is the greatest! He has handled my dental care for everything from routine care, emergency care, whitening and the dental implant process. His staff are caring and friendly, and make appointments enjoyable.

I must admit to some early fear about getting a dental implant, but I couldn't be happier about the care I received and the end result! Bill answered my questions, explained the process and eased my fears. I won't worry at all If I should ever need another.
Rhonda B.
Springfield, IL