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6MS Testimonials

"Love it!  I feel proud of my even and straight teeth.  Everyone says, "Your teeth are beautiful!" - Sharon 

"I wish I had decided to get braces (Six Month Smiles) sooner."  - Sharon

"Nearly everyone I spoke with had no idea that I had braces unless I told or showed them." - Robert

"I always felt that assistance and support was as close as the phone" - Robert

"If I can do it so can anyone!" - Robert

"I am very pleased with the final results!! My wife, kids , grandkids, and friends all think my smile looks great!  What more could I ask?" - Robert

"The braces were not very noticeable" - Anne

"My bottom teeth were a mess.  Now they are much better!" - Anne

"I've never been much of a smiler because of my self consciousness with my teeth. But after having the top braces removed today, it's given me an entirely new confidence in myself!" - Brad

I would highly recommend anyone, regardless of age, to try those braces if they've been thinking about giving them a shot. And definitely let Dr. Schlosser and his staff guide you through the process. They are the BEST!

- Brad