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Oral Sedation and OraVerse® in Springfield with William Schlosser, DMD

Dr. Bill Schlosser provides patients with a way to improve their dental experience through sedation. With this treatment aid, anxious patients feel more at-ease, allowing them to receive the care they need and have previously avoided due to fear. Sedation becomes especially beneficial during complex procedures, by creating the illusion that your dental appointment has passed quickly, and promoting in-treatment comfort.

Our Springfield sedation dentist is committed to treating patients with compassion and providing solutions for positive dental experiences.

Oral Sedation for Stress-Free Dentistry

Oral sedation benefits patients who are in otherwise good health, including those who have sensitive gag reflexes, are scheduled for lengthy procedures, as well as those who are fearful of visiting the dentist. As a minimal method of sedation, oral conscious medication does not directly put patients to sleep but can make them feel so relaxed that they find it easy to doze off during their appointment.

Before prescribing this form of sedation, Dr. Schlosser consults with patients to discuss medical history and determine if this treatment will meet their needs while ensuring procedure safety.

 Oral sedation comes in pill form and can be taken at home before your appointment if you are feeling especially anxious about your up-coming procedure. If needed, another dosage can be administered in-office to ensure you stay relaxed during  treatment. This medication creates a euphoric feeling to help patients experience a peaceful dental appointment.

It’s common to have little memory of the procedure afterward, which many patients find to be particularly comforting. Sedation patients should have a friend or family member to pick them up after their procedure.

What to Expect after your Sedation Appointment

Oral sedation has a half-life of a few hours, which makes it an excellent choice for longer dental procedures, but does require a period of rest and recovery. It’s recommended that patients take the remainder of the day after their procedure to return home and relax. While patients may feel generally tired, after-effects of oral conscious sedation are not the same as intravenous medication.

To further contribute to patient comfort, our Springfield sedation dentist utilizes OraVerse®. This treatment helps to reverse the feeling of facial numbness after use of anesthetic at the treatment site. With OraVerse®, you don’t have to deal with difficulty speaking or eating after local numbing agents. 

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Our dental team is committed to helping patients enjoy positive experiences of dental care through soothing sedation. To further creating feelings of ease, our office provides Cinemizer™ video glasses. This allows patients an enjoyable way to keep their minds off treatment and focus on entertainment. We are here to help all patients more easily access the care they need for a life-long healthy smile.

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